Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Few More Bow-Tie Blocks

Just a quick post today.  I did squeeze in a little bit of sewing over the weekend, but it doesn't feel like I got much accomplished in the quilt room. Today however, I made a little tiny bit of progress on my forever project.
A few more bow-tie blocks
Six more hand pieced blocks finished up!  I kept struggling with the y-seams though, so finally just gave up and packed it in for the day.  Some days it goes super fast with everything looking great and other days I keep on stitching just beyond the marked seams and end up with a mess at the corners.  Sounds to me like a great excuse to catch up on my blog reading.*wink

Oh yeah, linking up with Kathy's Quilts today too.  Even with days like today, I still appreciate having my slow quilting vices.


  1. you sure seem to get a lot done for someone who keeps talking about how slow she is! (lol)

  2. They look wonderful! I find Y seams very tricky at the best of times!
    THanks for linking up!

  3. 'slow'quilting vices? You always seem to get something done! Nice blocks!

  4. Your bow-tie blocks are really precious. Take all the time you need. They'll make a beautiful quilt!

  5. loven' your bow ties~!
    they are going to make a beautiful quilt~!!~
    i don't think i've ever hand stitched a y seam before . . . i've definitely tried stitching them on the machine which resulted in various degrees of 'failure'.


  6. I love your bow ties! I just started a bow tie quilt also, except I'm making mine on my hand crank sewing machine.

  7. They look pretty good to me!

  8. your bowties are pretty - do you have a layout in mind when you put them altogether? I made mine a different way so i didn't have Y seams but I have more seams because of it.

  9. Love the turquoise background. Have you ever made the dimensional bow ties? No Y seams.

  10. It's great to see your bow ties progressing slowly. I say it everytime I know but I just love that background colour!


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