Friday, September 21, 2012

A Few More Baskets On The Wall

My design wall isn't very big, so I can't really present my quilt in the vertical setting the way I intend to eventually sew it.  That's what the floor is for around here.  Anyway, I'm getting more baskets finished up every day.  They are sewn in a fairly casual way, making some points disappear and creating a very slight wonkiness factor.  As you can see, I'm still playing with basket handle ideas.
Baskets for vertical rows quilt
I picked this stack of fabrics out a long time ago because of the rich look I thought it could create.  Then, of course, I couldn't pick out a pattern to go with and so it sat for a long time feeling neglected!  I have been terribly uncertain about the minimal repeats in fabric color, but now I think I'm seeing enough value change to pull it all off successfully.  I'm calling this a 'Kaye England' look, because it reminds me of her quilts for some reason (although her quilts are much more polished looking!)
Happy Geese quilt
And then we have this.  I've been adding bits and pieces to my Happy Geese quilt, trying to find my direction.  It's not what I really want to be working on right at the moment, so I confess that I'm not spending very much time on it at all.  It's just something that nags at me because it could be finished up and out of my hair so very quickly when and if I make some decisions.*wink


  1. I love the dark backgrounds you are using in your basket blocks! Very effective!

    1. Thank you! It's nice to use something that's not a 'neutral'.


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