Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting Ready For Vintage Fair

Anyone who reads my blog for any length of time knows that I have a large family, as in, I come from a large family.  When we all get together, things happen and sometimes generally, plans get made.  For all of us. Last year it was my youngest sister who came up with the grand plan for all of us girls (6 sisters, plus our cousin, and a couple sister-in-laws) to have a booth at the Vintage Fair.  Oy vey.
The rustic, yet strangely modern pillow look
It's time.  The Vintage Fair is this weekend.   And of course I have procrastinated about and focused in on other more important things like Quilty Stuff.  What to do?  What to do?
The up-cycled half apron
Yesterday I was scrounging around and came up with some burlap to make some funky carry-all bags and a few very rustic, throw together pillows.  The aprons (all three of them) I actually worked on last summer!  Can you believe my fore-thought?  hehe  I'm still not sure why I sacrificed one of my vintage Sunbonnet Sues to put on something that will no doubt end up with grease splatters though....
The weird bag collection
My sisters all encouraged me to make quilts, sew funky things and they would all SELL, SELL, SELL.  I spent a little time last summer working on the great idea, you know, while I was still excited and thinking optimistically.  I spent some time one day puting applique on a stray bag.  I spent another day up-cycling aprons.  Cool!  I spent hours planning out my crafty plan of attack and then, pop! goes my bubble.  It's just strangely unexciting for me to be sewing up all this craftiness stuff and you and I both know I'll never get any real money selling quilts.  So, I changed up my plans a bit and started poking through 2nd hand stores occasionally for cheapy vintage/antique things to re-sale.  Stick a price tag on and wah-lah! I can go back to quilting without any pressure to make stuff other people might or might not buy.  Ah, the relief...  A Vintage Fair is just a high priced yard sale/up-cycled holiday bazaar anyway!  They are great fun to go to and my sisters are the most creative people around, so our booth is going to do wonderful, especially after they sneak my stuff off to the back corners.:)

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