Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Little Bit at a Time

Two more blocks done for the 'All Grayed Down' quilt.  Lets hope it all comes together like it should--like I am picturing it in my head.  I'm starting to get a wee bit nervous about that.  So much so that I laid the entire quilt out again on the floor for a look-see, even the unfinished applique blocks with their little bits and pieces.  I'm trying to keep the applique blocks very simple and almost stark because the background is busy. 
Applique Block #4
Applique Block #5
Ad lib quilting is such a blast, but also scary hairy sometimes, at least for me.*wink  Speaking of which, I also found time to sandwich and machine quilt a baby quilt I was working on last April.  Not my normal cup of tea and honestly, my husband does not like it a bit.  I decided since I was prepping the binding for the baby quilt, that I needed to quit dragging my feet and make a decision about the binding for my 'Be Thankful' quilt.  Maybe I can get in a couple more completions before the end of March?!!
Binding prep


  1. From what I see of your applique quilt, it looks very good. I like that the applique blocks are simple and the pieced blocks muted. Couldn't get any better.

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