Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Roll of Batting

Christmas comes early around here!*wink Yesterday I got my new roll of batting in the mail, which always makes me feel like a little kid at Christmastime. I've been ordering it from 'Heartbeat Quilting' out of Spokane, Washington for several years now. What I order is a 30 yard roll of Hobbs 80/20 Heirloom Batting. I love it for hand quilting because it's fairly flexible yet still puffs up just a little when I make my stitches (without being the slightest bit thick and unwieldy). The scrim is great for machine quilting too and I appreciate the fact that the Hobbs batting is 96 inches long as opposed to the common 90 inches in other batting. Those extra 6 inches are a real savings, let me tell you, when you start cutting lengths off of a 30 yard roll. This is one of my many ways of stocking up for our never ending, financially uncertain winters. Quilting stuff is just as necessary as food you know.:)

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