Friday, January 7, 2011

Just Checking In

I wanted to show a picture of my painted walls that finally got finished early November. This is my little sitting area and I think the quilts make it look very cozy. Someday I'll be able to buy new furniture, but meanwhile I think my quilts manage to distract the eye a little from the fact that I have JUNK for furniture! The quilt on the bottom is my new hand quilting project now that I finished up the 'Festival of Trees' quilt (you can see part of that quilt in the pic. too). I loved doing the free fans after I got over my absolute conviction that I was ruining my quilt. lol This current quilt is from an 'Around the Block' challenge I did with our 'Pieceable Souls' quilting group (I secretly gave us a name, 'cuz I never know what to call our little confab)!! Anyway, I've been sporadically working on this quilt, trying out some other free quilt ideas, trying not to do too much marking. It's Amazing how much faster the quilting goes if you can steel yourself to live with imperfection..... lol!

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